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Moving Lands: what the world can learn from Latin America and the Caribbean early warning alerts systems?

While the cost of economic damage of disasters is increasing globally, the human costs are going down, due especially to the development of early warning systems that have saved a huge amount of lives in the last decades. Mexico, a country prone to seismic shocks, has an early warning system developed with local technology that sends alerts from 30 seconds up to a minute before the event, giving people time to prepare. In Medellin, Colombia, governmental institutions are working together with communities to integrate the use of Early Warning Systems in an attempt to democratize knowledge but also to make more efficient use of this technology. 
Early warning systems are crucial to saving lives in a world where extreme weather events could occur globally at a rate of 1,5 per day by 2030, according to the latest forecasts.

  • Day: March 28
  • Time: from 10:00am to 11:15am
  • Room: Salon Restrepo Salon 2

Moderator: Patricia Luna
Speakers: Laura Vargas-ParadaLina CeballosNahuel ArenasGloria I. Lopez