Laura Vargas-Parada

Studied at the Institute of Biomedical Research-UNAM Mexico where she earned her PhD degree in Biomedicine. She also has a master's degree in Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases at the School of Tropical Medicine, London, UK and postgraduate studies in Science Communication from the Open University. As freelance science writer she has published her work at La Crónica de Hoy and El Economista local newspapers. She has also contributions at Nature News, Nature Outlook, Aptus Health and Medscape in Spanish among other media. Author of two books for young readers she also co-edited the book “Medicine and Genomics: A New Synthesis”. In radio she has participated as science editorialist and was the scriptwriter and conductor of the program Vértice for National Radio. She was also scriptwriter and presenter for three seasons in a science television series broadcasted by public television (SPR-channel 30). Founding and regular member of the Red Mexicana de Periodistas de Ciencia and member of the International Science Writer Association.