Track 3.4:

How do journalists go beyond communicating risk to sharing risk know-how with their communities?

Journalists around the world act as a reference point for their communities when it comes to sharing information about risks they face, for contextualizing that information and ensuring that the knowledge they share is accessible. Risk Know-How has been understanding how community practitioners such as journalists help their communities develop risk know-how and what does it mean for a community to have risk know-how. Journalists are often part of the community they are engaging with and are therefore uniquely placed to contextualize information for their communities. This session will focus on how journalists play the vital role of risk know-how practitioners, as they help people to navigate complex data and information and make trade-offs between different outcomes and how likely they are. This could be through empowering the community to question the evidence, unpacking data and statistics, or debunking myths and misinformation. Does the role journalists play depend on a community’s needs? Where does a journalist stop being a journalist and become a community leader?

  • Day: March 30
  • Time: from 2:00pm to 3:15pm
  • Room: Salon Restrepo Salon 2

Moderator: Leonor Sierra
Speakers: Jorge RodriguezMichele CatanzaroDisha Shetty