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SciencePOD offers a collaborative platform where expert teams of science and medical writers, editors and multimedia producers create summarised content based on clinical or scientific evidence for educational, informational and marketing purposes.

We deliver clear, concise and compelling summarised highlights of medical and scientific documents in text, infographic, podcast, video and AI-summary formats.

Our platform combines access to a global community of over 600 expert editorial professionals working as teams using our authoring and workflow tools to ensure time-efficient delivery of clients’ digital stories.

Our clients are medical and science publishers, international organisations, EU agencies, academic research institutions, scientific charities and R&D-driven corporates such as biotech and pharma companies.

Recently, we enriched our platform with an AI summarisation solution, called ScioWire. ScioWire is a productivity tool for journalists and researchers alike. It offers custom newsfeeds made up of AI summaries of the latest open-access research, tailored to your preferred keywords. It helps to monitor the latest open access research and summarise their own selected studies on-demand. (Join our beta tester’s community here).

How SciencePOD operates

At SciencePOD, we receive commissions for a variety of editorial content in four formats: infographics, videos, podcasts, and video. These creative digital stories are perfectly suited for omnichannel distribution.

Clients interact with editorials content creation teams through SciencePOD’s intuitive workflow and authoring platform. Freelance content creators are offered jobs through the platform and have full flexibility to pick and choose the commissions they want to work on.

For each job, we allocate a subject-matter expert writer, editor or multimedia producer to create the chosen story. An editor or a producer (multimedia) then performs quality control checks and a proofreader (text only) does the final polishing.

Why Register with SciencePOD?

Credit: Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

As a freelancer, you have expertise in your field, but working solo can be limiting.

We are always looking for freelance science, medical and technology writers, editors, proofreaders and multimedia creators to help us build our team and deliver more amazing stories.

The SciencePOD platform offers you flexibility in your work.

1: You no longer need to spend hours looking for your next job. Instead, we approach you with direct commissioned work for major clients on a range of topics, and we value great creators.

2: Our team is on hand to answer questions and provide support and guidance.

3: You can tailor your workload, choosing which commissions to accept and decline.

4: We give clear rates, briefs and deadlines to help you decide.

5: We pay market rates within 30 days of invoicing

5: Refer a fellow creator to SciencePOD and receive priority for future jobs.

Save time with AI, try the ScioWire newsfeed and summariser

Why use ScioWire? With over 2.5 million scientific papers published each year, it’s no wonder journalists, researchers, consultants, businesses, policymakers, students and struggle to keep up to date. Besides, the habits of science journalists and knowledge economy professionals, like scientists, for sourcing scientific news stories are changing.

ScioWire offers access to the latest open access research findings.

  • ScioWire helps you create specialist newsfeeds, customised by keywords. Each feed comprises AI-generated summaries of the latest technical publications in science, technology and medicine.
  • ScioWire also gives access to on-demand summariser, turning complex studies into bite-size briefings, allowing users to browse before diving further in.

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