How Can We Bring Value To Your Organization?

The World Conference of Science Journalists is much more than a gathering point for members of the World Federation of Science Journalists. It is also an unrivaled opportunity for other organizations to interact with this diverse group and build new partnerships around the conference’s various themes. Such collaborations have been shaped by the three-decade history of this conference in its different venues around the globe, which has enabled the WFSJ to hone guidelines a spirit of mutual understanding and meaningful co-creation. With these goals in mind, the organizers of WCSJ2022 offer these guidelines for prospective partners. When you are ready to start the conversation, please contact:

Meighan Jury
Strategic Partnerships


Independence of decision-making and integrity of representation are core values embraced by science journalists and communicators around the world. Partners in WCSJ2022 will be welcomed into an atmosphere of respect that is defined by these principles, according to these specific commitments and guidelines:

  • Partners and partnership activities will be prominently recognized and valued, as per the signed agreements.

  • The Organizing Committee will work together with partners to ensure that their presence adds value to the conference and is accepted and appreciated by attendees.

  • Sponsored activities and hospitality will be clearly labeled as such, and sponsors will be prominently recognized. Pre- and post-conference activities may be organized by partners in consultation with the Organizing Committee.

  • Official meeting credentials, such as name badges, will not carry sponsor logos.

  • To avoid potential or perceived conflicts of interest, any support of speakers or attendees will not be solicited or accepted by the Organizing Committee.

  • Sponsors will not take part in the selection of candidates for fellowships supporting the travel of conference attendees.

  • The Organizing Committee alone will decide on the topics and content of the conference core program.

  • Attendees at any time will remain entirely free to attend or to leave an event or activity organized by a partner.

  • The conference organizers will manage registration for all event activities, including hosted and ancillary activities, tours, and field trips. Hosts should not expect access to participant lists, except when attendees voluntarily provide names for security clearance or another reason.

  • Attendees will decide on their own and at any given time what personal and professional information to share with partners and hosts, as per their rights through the General Data Protection Regulations.

  • WCSJ 2022 is committed to environmental sustainability. Advertising material used and distributed by partners must meet current standards of eco-friendly production and be pre-approved by the Organizing Committee.