Ximena Serrano

In the best style of genomic editing, I belong to the generation that had the gene for reporting implanted in our DNA. This condition, combined with a passion for exploring and telling different stories in everyday life, led me to discover science journalism. Since then and for more than 25 years, regardless of whether I am in the role of journalist, consultant, lecturer or unsuspecting mortal, each of my molecules seeks the science of the facts and gives voice to turn this, increasingly less strange specialization, into a valuable tool for journalism in Colombia, work that I passionately lead from the presidency of the Colombian Association of Journalism and Science Communication - ACPC, because everything has its science. Ximena worked with a team of science journalists on a Historias Sin Fronteras cross-border science and environmental agriculture journalism project published in 2021. The title of the project is Andean Agriculture: The Crossroads of Transgenics.