Sandersan (Sandy) Onie

Sandersan Onie, more commonly known as Sandy, is passionate about suicide prevention, mental health and building science infrastructure. He received his PhD in psychology from UNSW Sydney, an am currently working at the Black Dog Institute in Australia and as the Chair of the Emotional Health for All Foundation in Indonesia.

He oversees research projects across Asia Pacific such as using Google Ads and machine learning to identify suicidal individuals, leading Indonesia's national suicide prevention strategy, as well as a large population study in understanding how COVID 19 affects suicide. For this work, he have had the privilege of being featured in outlets such as Forbes, Mashable, and Kompas.

Furthermore, his work in building research infrastructure in the Global South has led me to being on the Executive Committee of the Society for Improvement of Psychological Science and publishing an article in Nature on building science in Global South. Last, but not least, he is passionate about community and family emotional health, and have written a book to be published by Kompas Gramedia in September 2021.