Nicolas Gutierrez

Nicolas Gutierrez C. is a Colombian science journalist specialized in health, and a former scientist in cell biology. He decrypts the latest advancements in biomedical research for several outlets, including Sciences et Avenir (France) and New Scientist (England), with a particular attention in bioethics. During the past three years, Nicolas focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, with over 300 journalistic pieces on the subject (among interviews of experts, fact-checking articles and data journalism analysis on the evolution of the health crisis). He is also a non-fiction author. His first book, Homo Machinus (Vuibert, 2021), is a journalistic investigation on transhumanism and the future of biomedical technologies that try to repair (or even improve) the human body and brain. In this six-month investigation, Nicolas interviewed several dozens of experts and decoded hundreds of scientific publications to discern fact from fantasy and to address the bioethical questions that such advanced technologies will raise.