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Andrea Obaid

Science journalist from Chile and current President of the Chilean Association of Journalists and Professionals for the Communication of Science, ACHIPEC. Studied journalism at Diego Portales University and a Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication from Pompeu Fabra University, Spain. Director of the production companies Neurona Group and Endorfinas. Host of radio shows "Tu Nuevo ADN" on ADN radio and of "TXS Health" on online radio Host of TV programs "Cocina Lab", on NTV-TVN Channel "Tecnociencia" on Canal 13C Channel, "Chilenautas" on Curiosity Stream, and "Hola Ciencia" on La Red Channel. Author of the books "Tecnociencia: 30 scientific tourism routes in Chile” Part 1 and 2 and, "The Scientific Routes of Panguipulli"