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Track 4.4:

Science and Biopiracy of Indigenous Knowledge

From an Indigenous perspective, scientific research has often been perceived as an accomplice to the commercial exploitation of biological and genetic material, usually without compensating or acknowledging the Indigenous people from which the material and knowledge stems from. This unethical (and some might argue unlawful) approach has become known as “biopiracy”. Has the scientific process become more equitable towards Indigenous people over the years? The question is at the core of research collaboration between the Global North and Global South. This session is an introduction about existing regulations of research related to indigenous biological/genetic material from an academic perspective, policy makers, and experts in biopiracy.

  • Day: March 30
  • Time: from 11:30am to 12:45pm
  • Room: Salon Restrepo Salon 1

Moderator: Veronique Morin
Speakers: Ochieng Ogodo, Ikechi MgbeojiMaria Corazon de Ungria