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Partnership opportunities

What happens at the World Conference of Science Journalists?

Over the past two decades, the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) has mounted the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) every other year. The event has been held in cities across the globe, with the next edition arriving at Medellín, Colombia, in March 27-31, 2023. These gatherings last about a week and attract hundreds of participants from the WFSJ membership, including 15,000 global members including science journalists, broadcasters, writers, editors, and communicators working across all media platforms in 55+ countries.

What do they do?

Like any assembly of professionals, attendees at WCSJ look forward to renewing acquaintances in person, catching up with friends and sharing their most recent work details. At the same time, this conference is an unrivalled showcase for science journalism’s state of the art. High-profile authors are on hand to discuss their books and answer questions about their methods and motivations. Researchers in cutting-edge areas of science, technology, and medicine are ready to interact with reporters who are eager to make even the most complex topics accessible to the broadest possible audience. And the WFSJ highlights its efforts to support and enhance science journalism through the 67 science writing bodies (associations), that make up the global membership.

What will take place at WCSJ 2023 in Medellín?

Since WCSJ 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, when WFSJ was founded, this is the second time that WCSJ will take place in Latin America and will serve as a means for science journalists from across the region to showcase their skills, build professional networks, and enhance their ability to contribute to the economic and social growth of their communities. It will be an important moment in the life of this region and will provide lasting memories for all who join us.

Medellín also offers:

  • A biodiversity hotspot to safeguard the world’s wilderness wealth
  • An unrivalled laboratory to help other nations take climate change adaptation
  • A model of how to feed populations in rapidly evolving tropical settings
  • A cultural storehouse where thousands of years’ worth of Indigenous people’s knowledge can make a lasting contribution to the wisdom of future generations

More specifically, this content will deal with highly relevant topics such as these:

Conference Main Topics

  1. Science Immersion
    From the deepest trenches in our oceans, to the hottest archaeological and paleontological research in the region, the latest in seed science and technology, the connection between climate & health, and the world’s cool emerging space programs, these sessions will inspire, entertain and offer new source material.
  1. On Responsible Reporting
    Experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic: The always delicate task of informing audiences about their health, not just COVID-19, but beyond it, and the huge responsibility we carry in order to do so, make health reporting –and caring for our own selves– an exceedingly complex endeavor. Here is what we have learned and how we should proceed.
  1. New Fields to Explore
    In a post-pandemic and climate-challenged world, what can science journalists learn about the role we play in shaping understanding among diplomats, policymakers and scientists? Also, how can we benefit from the special knowledge and emerging tools created by the insurance and reinsurance sector?
  1. A View To–And From–The Global South
    Having the WFSJ taking place in Colombia is a golden opportunity to open a window to Latin America and the Caribbean, and more broadly the Global South. Amazing science discoveries and studies mix with the enormous journalistic, environmental and social challenges in the region. In the end, it takes an entire planet to tackle them.
  1. Our Craft: Tools of the Trade
    Honing our ever-changing profession is a crucial survival skill, as we must adapt or perish. Creativity has, therefore, never been in higher demand. Where will our next jobs come from? How do we get better at what we do, and where do we go for help?

Why should you become part of WCSJ 2023?

There is no other event like this. Journalism conferences seldom deal with science, and scientific conferences seldom deal with journalism. The WFSJ’s premier offering is a central global forum that combines these two essential priorities in crucial ways to a broad public understanding and appreciation of science. The discussions here examine the most fundamental features of the hopes, fears, and general fascination that we all have with the high-tech, scientifically driven world that governs our lives. If you want to be part of these discussions, go to the source, and in March 2023, that source will be WCSJ 2023 in Medellín.

Who Attends WCSJ?

World Conference of Science Journalists in Lausanne, Switzerland (WCSJ 2019) attracted over 1,300+ participants drawn by a wide range of tours, seminars, lectures, and networking opportunities to expand their horizons in a lively, engaging manner setting. Journalists, editors, freelancers, lecturers in science journalism, scientists, press & information officers, exhibitors, politicians, and others.

For Medellín, we expect around 1,000 delegates, a significant percentage from the Americas

How can we bring value to your organization?

WCSJ 2023 offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to companies joining our community:

  • First significant gathering since 2019
  • Connect with 1,000+ science journalists
  • We bring together participants from 5 continents, 70+ countries and 70+ international speakers
  • 15,000 global members including science journalists, broadcasters, writers, editors, and communicators working across all media platforms
  • 67 science writing bodies
  • 55+ countries

Brand Awareness: This is your opportunity to connect your brand with a global, diverse and elite community.

Lead Generation: You will be joined by hundreds of your global peers at the Congress. Many attendees have critical roles in shaping the future of their organizations by selecting their best potential business partners. You might meet your next business partner at the WCSJ 2023 in Medellín!

Thought Leadership: Do you have the perfect 1st case study to share? A new product to launch? Perhaps you would like to position your company at the front and center of a critical industry issue. Host one of our Breakout/Breakfast sessions and lead a discussion on a current topic that resonates with the attendees.

Relationship Management: You have secured your clients. Now it is time to nurture those relationships. WCSJ 2023 offers a great place to meet your clients and ensure they feel valued and engaged. You will have a base to meet them face to face and have a meaningful conversation by exhibiting with us.

Networking: We have something for everyone with various dedicated tracks, including two major social events. Are you looking to recruit new talent? Want to compare notes with your peers and competitors? Join and meet the industry's most exciting and influential people.

Entitlements & Benefits of WCSJ 2023 USD
SUPPORTERS. For entities willing to reach the 15,000 members of our global community
Supporter Sponsor $5,000
IDEAS HUNTER. Partners on knowledge sharing, contributing content and support
PM Sponsor Symposium 60' $125,000
Exclusive Sponsored Symposium 60' lunchtime $100,000
Sponsored Symposium 45' $75,000
Exclusive Sponsored Symposium 30' $50,000
Premium Private Luncheon $25,000
Premium Private Dinner $25,000
Premium Private Breakfast $20,000
Private Luncheon $20,000
Private Dinner $20,000
Private Breakfast $15,000
Pre and Post-Conference Workshops $5,000
TRUE SEEKER. Partners on topic-specific and field trip
Premium Overnight Field Trips A $25,000
Basic Overnight Field Trips B $12,500
Premium Local Field Trip C. Visit in Medellín $5,000
Basic Local Field Trip D. Visit in Medellín $3,000
COMMUNITY BUILDER. Partners on networking activities and help build the WCSJ community
Reception/Dinner $100,000
Closing event $60,000
Cocktail reception $40,000
Coffee and Beverage Breaks $30,000
Travel Grants $2,000/person
BREAKING NEWS. Opportunities to promote organizations and companies
Simultaneous Translation $30,000
Lanyards. $30,000
Wi-Fi $25,000
Electrical Charging Station $10,000
EXHIBITOR. Booth and space
LARGE 12sqm $9,500
MEDIUM 9sqm $6,000
SMALL 6sqm $3,500
Congress Registrations $650

Inquire for special prices if you represent a sponsor from Colombia, Latin American countries, or NGOs.

Click HERE to read the Sponsorship Guidelines WFSJ Events on Receiving Sponsorship from Corporations.

World Conference of Science Journalists in Lausanne Switzerland (WCSJ 2019) attracted over 1,000 participants drawn by a wide range of tours, seminars, lectures, and networking opportunities to expand their horizons in a lively, engaging setting. Download the WCSJ 2019 Final Report here.


WCSJ 2023 in Medellín will be the 12th World Conference of Science Journalists to be held in various international cities since 1992. The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) has managed these events since its founding in 2005. WFSJ is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that has consultative status with the United Nations.
Based in Montreal, Quebec, WFSJ is made up of 67 associations in 55+ countries, for an extended global membership of some 15,000 individuals, including science journalists, broadcasters, writers, editors, and communicators working across all media platforms.
In Colombia, these professionals are represented by the Asociación Colombiana de Periodismo Científico (ACPC), the WFSJ member body in that country, which will be a leading partner in WCSJ 2023. With the collaboration of many other partners around the world, this unique event will showcase topics and speakers in Latin American science journalism for a global audience, as well as bringing the perspectives of that same audience to our vibrant forum in Medellín.

Organized by World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ)
In partnership with: Colombian Association of Science Journalism and Communication (ACPC)

Click HERE to read all support letters from the main institutions.

For partnership opportunities, please contact:

Miquel Serrano Martin
Strategic Partnerships Manager