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Trust in Science

Monday, February 27, 2023

Trust in Science 

Confidence in research: global implications for researchers and the media

Science and its practice are undergoing rapid change, and the pandemic has transformed scientific endeavour in a number of ways – giving it greater prominence and recognition, but creating higher expectations around pace and certainty. Navigating huge quantities of information, finding relevant research, knowing what can be relied upon and tying together quality insights has been made harder for researchers, as well as the media. 

This discussion will unpack the drivers of confidence in research and discuss the role that different sectors, including journalism, can play in supporting a credible research ecosystem. What are potential solutions that can support scientific research and communications communities in a way that ultimately improves research integrity and public confidence in science?

Dante Cid is Vice-President of Academic Relations for Elsevier in Latin America, represents Elsevier as President of the Brazilian Publishers Association, President of the Pro-Livro Institute for Literacy, and in several other organisations. He has a Master of Sciences in Artificial Intelligence from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated summa cum laude as Computers Engineer by IME, the Military Institute of Engineering, Brazil.

Sergio Cristancho is Vice Minister of Knowledge, Innovation and Productivity - Colombia. He is a full professor at the National Faculty of Public Health and was Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Antioquia. He has been a full-time professor at the University of Illinois as well as visiting professor at renowned universities in Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Guatemala. Crisancho was Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors of the NGO Salud Latina / Latino Healthof Chicago, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of Family & Community Health Magazine. 

Andrés Roldan. Executive Director Parque Explora where he has helped to build a vision for inspiring, communicating and transforming, through interactive learning environments for the public understanding of science and technology. Parque Explora is one of the most visited museums in Colombia and is a top reference science centre in Latin America with a vast collection of experiences on science, technology, biodiversity and innovation. Andrés has experience in creating, conceptualising, designing, building, reinventing, fundraising and managing museums, exhibitions, exhibits, educational strategies and learning environments. This experience is the result of a long term vision of connecting society, through the inclusion and integration of communities with urban planning, architecture, culture, education, social innovation, science and technology in the most vulnerable areas of the city.

More speakers to be announced… 

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