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Monday, February 13, 2023

Why the youngest children should be on every science journalist's radar 

Where children are the subjects of journalistic reportages, they are typically secondary or tertiary considerations or lines of inquiry. This panel will explore how child-centred reporting, and the lens of early childhood is – or should be – a priority for journalists on every beat, and especially science journalists’. 

For example, explaining that a mother's well-being is crucial to a child's upbringing can better inform a conversation about parental leave. Similarly, reporting on the health implications of early childhood adversity and trauma on the developing brain can help to underscore the importance of investing in early education and social programs – and better inform our reporting.

This panel is established by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, as part of their International Early Childhood Journalism Initiative

Moderator: Irene Caselli, early childhood journalist & senior advisor to the Dart Center, Columbia Journalism School


Mariana Lenharo, freelance science journalist, 2021 Dart Fellow

Alla Katsnelson, freelance science journalist, 2022 Dart Fellow

Rhitu Chatterjee, health correspondent, NPR, 2022 Dart Fellow