Conference Updates

More Program unveiled

Friday, December 16, 2022


We are pleased to announce the following sessions.
Track 1: Science Immersion
Moving Lands: what the world can learn from early warning alerts systems?
While the cost of economic damage of disasters is increasing globally, human costs are going down, due especially to the development of early warning systems that have saved a huge amount of lives in the last decades. An early seismic warning developed with local technology, sound building construction codes, underwater fiber optic cables technologies to detect tsunamis, forecasting in advance tropical cyclones, and community engagement will all be discussed.

Patricia Luna, science journalist, Chile

Dr. Gerardo Suárez Reynoso, México
Nahuel Arenas, Chile
Almudena Montoliú García, Philippines
Dr Bapon Fakhruddin, New Zealand
Track 3: More Challenges to Explore
Reaching Across Borders: Strengthening Science Journalism in Latin America
Time flies! It's been almost four years since we launched Historias Sin Fronteras at the 2019 WCSJ in Lausanne. Join us for a lively discussion of the power of cross-border science journalism.


Iván Carrillo, México

Valeria Román, Argentina
Johanna Osorio, Venezuela
Eduardo Franco Berton, Bolivia
Ximena Serrano, Colombia