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2023 travel grants

The ABSW in the UK is offering five grants for travel, accommodation and subsistence whilst travelling, of up to £1000 each to members who would like to attend and benefit from attending the WCSJ 2023 in Medellín. For conditions and more information check the ABSW website. Entries should be submitted before 31 December.

2019 Travel Grants Winners

WCSJ2019 held a Media Competition in 2019 with the intent to honour articles or media contributions inspired by the Lausanne event and offer a travel grant thanks to the Bertarelli Foundation. The competition was open to all attendees of WCSJ 2019 Lausanne.
Initially announced for the five best entries, additional funds were provided because of the successful financial outcome of the Lausanne conference, so in addition to the number of Bertarelli Foundation Media Grants, WCSJ 2019 increased the total grants.

Congratulations to our fellows, and see you at WCSJ 2023! Here are the names of the winners of the WCSJ 2019 Media Competition Grant, organized and supported by the Alpine Consortium (formed of the Swiss Association of Science Journalism, the Association des journalistes français de la presse d'information, and Science Writers), which organized the WCSJ 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland:

  • DE VRIEZE Jop, Reflections of a science journalist: is an overview study just an opinion?
  • IRWIN Aisling, The Everything Mapper
  • LACHOWSKI Caroline, Comment développer le journalisme scientifique en Afrique?
  • PALMER Jane, The chemists policing Earth’s atmosphere for rogue pollution
  • PONCHNER Debbie,Trans Ovaries and the Privilege of Growing Old
  • POWELL Kendall, What electronic games can teach us
  • POZNIAK Helena, Refugees and technology: on a journey of self-discovery
  • ROMAN Valeria, Transgender in Latin America: Unfolded from Otherness
  • SHETTY Disha, 65% Indians Exposed To Heatwaves
  • SIMON Laurent, On a passé la semaine dans un endroit formidable
  • BALAO Kossi Elom, Miser sur la science, c'est miser sur le futur, c'est miser sur l'avenir d'une société
  • FRAMMERY Catherine, La science n’est pas un discours équilibré!
  • HOUNGNIGBE Isaac, Magazine Radio Foire WCSJ2019
  • VERNET Agnès, J’ai trié des terrains de baseball… et compris pourquoi l'IA ne remplacera pas les journalistes