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WCSJ Organizers



WFSJ President

Milica has been a science journalist since 2006. She is currently a journalist, editor, and TV anchor for a science and education programme on Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), a public broadcasting service with the widest audience reach in the country, where she covers life sciences, medicine, health, and climate change, among other areas.

Milica is a WFSJ  executive board member and serves as a board member of the Balkan Network of Science Journalists, a regional network of professionals from Balkan countries.

In addition, she is a science correspondent at POLITIKA, the oldest and most influential daily newspaper in Serbia and the Balkans, writing on science, medicine, and health.

Since 2016, Milica has served as editor and anchor of the New Technologies in Education programme, organized in partnership with the British Council in Serbia. This programme aims to raise awareness of the significance of using new technologies in education to help modernize teaching and learning. Previously, she was editor of “Cafe Scientific,” a TV forum for debating science issues, and of FameLab, the world’s leading science communication competition.