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What is AlphaGalileo?

We deliver breaking research news from the source to industry journalists around the world.

Why was AlphaGalileo created?

We were created to provide the research community and the media with an effective and an independent source of research news. We were created by journalists for journalists.

Who uses AlphaGalileo?

Research organisations, universities, publishers, PR agencies and working journalists.

We have also just created a new role, the Reader role, for members of the public who are interested in research news.

Where does AlphaGalileo operate?

We operate worldwide

Who contributes content to AlphaGalileo?

We accept content from eligible, registered research organisations, universities, publishers, professional bodies and PR agencies.

We have guidelines on who can contribute to make sure that all the news that is posted on AlphaGalileo comes from authentic sources.

Why should the contributors trust AlphaGalileo?

AlphaGalileo has been operating for 25 years. We have an international reputation among journalists and contributors alike for delivering an excellent and reliable service. When journalists register, we check all their credentials before we approve them to make sure they are working, bonafide journalists.


  • We have various subscription options
  • We offer an unlimited posting capacity
  • We offer personal assistance
  • We have a fast turnaround time
  • Our service is global
  • We take news on a wide range of research
  • Our Contributors are established, authentic and reliable

What topics does AlphaGalileo cover?

AlphaGalileo takes the widest range of research topics: science, medicine, technology, humanities, arts and high-tech business.

What can people expect from the service?

People working in the media can be assured that they are getting raw news from vetted research organisations.

Contributing research organisations can be confident that their news items are sent to a high-quality media audience.

Everyone can expect a friendly, helpful service from AlphaGalileo.

How do I register to use AlphaGalileo?

Just visit our website, and click ‘Register’ at the top on the right.

You will then need to choose the role that you’re applying for, for example: ‘Contributor’, ‘Journalist Employed’, ‘Journalist Freelancer’ and then from there you simply give us a few details and click ‘Save’.

We then process your application.

How can AlphaGalileo be contacted?

The best way to contact us is by email,